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Ready to Run Your Firm Like a Boss?

You are a small business owner wearing a lot of hats, you need a solution that works with you on all aspects of your business!  Outlaw Practice is the only practice management software specifically for small and solo law firm owners, and the challenges unique to them.

Learn How To Run Your Law Firm Like a Boss

Learn how to take control of every part of your business. 


Discover how a disciplined approach to your business increases good leads, removes bad clients, decreases your accounts receivable and maximizes profits for you and your firm.

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Our Policy:  we never sell or share your data, ever.  No spam, just information we think will help you become a better business owner.

Full Lifecycle with Single Entry

Most "practice management" solutions are really just case management software with some extras like payment processing or a nice client portal.  You need so much more than that to be a successful business owner!

As a small firm owner, you handle all aspects of the business, and any business owner will tell you that the first order of business is getting customers in the door!  You need a solution that will help you track and manage your marketing campaigns and sales pipeline.  You need a system that helps you identify risk so that you get paid for all of your work.

Outlaw Practice provides everything you need:  marketing, sales, task management, time tracking, case management, billing and invoicing, document management, risk management, note taking and analytics all in one product, with no double entry, ever.

Each of your marketing campaigns should bring in 5 times more business (collected fees) than you put into it (time and money).  We calculate your return on investment (ROI) for each campaign, based on your actual billed and collected, for maximum accuracy.

Track Your ROI per Campaign

Marketing campaigns cost more than just money, they cost your time.  Just as there are hard costs, like design fees and subscription fees, there is the cost of your time, which we calculate at your standard billable rate.  When calculating the ROI for a campaign, we include the cost of your time as well.

The Total Cost of a Campaign

Track who is sending you referrals, where those referrals end up, and if they are paying their bills.  Building your referral network is part of growing your firm and lowering your marketing expenses.  Use hard data to determine where to spend your time.

Track Referrals
Campaign and Referral Management

Track the time and money you are spending on marketing and track how it turns into paying clients.

See who is referring you leads, and if those leads turn into paying clients.

Understanding where your future clients are in the sales pipeline helps you assess your upcoming work.  Do you need more leads, or do you have more work coming than you expect?

Predict the Future

You have put a lot of money into getting leads to call you, yet you do not have enough work. Where in the process are the leads falling out?  Outlaw Practice makes it easy to find areas of your sales strategy that need improvement.

See Where Sales is Failing

Nothing impacts your business like bad clients. Outlaw Practice provides a robust risk management system that tracks the behaviors that lead to non-paying, aggressive clients.

See Red Flags in Action

Spot Bad Clients
Lead Capture and Management

Your sales pipeline is the key to your future earnings.  Outlaw Practice provides multiple views of your pipeline to ensure that you always know where you stand.

  • Capture leads and associate them back to your marketing efforts.

  • Ensure that leads are followed up.

  • See your pipeline of new work coming in, and estimate your upcoming workload.

  • Track everything with unlimited custom fields.

Taking control of your time requires you to plan your time, track it, and be able to measure it. Outlaw Practice provides world-class task management. We start by helping you organize your time by impact and urgency.

Only Work on What Matters

Before starting work on a task, easily check to see if the client has money in their trust, or an overdue balance.  Also get warnings when the client is low on funds, or has restricted funds.

Never Work For Free

Your tasks are also calendar entries!  By default, tasks do not have a start time and are marked as all-day entries on the calendar, but adding a start time moves them into time slots on the calendar.

Best-in-Class Task Management

Taking control of your time requires you to plan your time, track it, and be able to measure it. Outlaw Practice provides world-class task management. 


  • Capture every minute with the most advanced task management system on the planet.

  • Always know how much money the client has in trust before you start your timer!

  • Keep extensive notes right in the task, and see those notes from the main case page.

  • Estimate task times and calendar out your day.

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Risk Management

No more bad clients! 


Create Red Flags for your leads and cases to qualify out bad prospects before they get in the door, and determine when it is time to part with a bad client.

Track the impact of red flags throughout the lifecycle of your business, from marketing campaigns through billed and collected.  Use your actual data to see in real-time how certain client behaviors impact your bottom line.

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Case Management

Track the financial health of your clients so that you ensure you are always focusing on paid work.

Support for hourly and flat-fee billing, including multi-step flat-fee arrangements that get you paid faster.

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WIP and Invoicing

Quickly see which clients need to be invoiced, and generate one or more invoices with a single click.

Create ABA-recommended "narrative" invoices to save yourself and your clients grief.

Easily customize your letterhead without uploading templates or requiring services.

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Notes and Documents

Easily start taking notes in a task, a lead, or anywhere else you want.

See related notes together, no hunting to find where you put them!

Support for simple text notes, and rich-text notes with images

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Full Audit Trail

Your practice management software is your single source of truth for data about your firm.  Errant entries, benign or not, can be tracked back to their source.

Contacts, campaigns, leads, tasks, cases and all other entries in the system are tracked from their first entry to the latest change.  Quickly view changes, including the previous value, the new value, who made the change, and when they made it.

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Analytics and Reports

In-depth analysis of the metrics that matter to your business and your bottom line.

  • Billed and Collected analysis against goals for each employee

  • Marketing campaign spent vs collected (ROI)

  • Employee time by category and activity type

  • Risk analysis by marketing campaign and red flag

Business Software for Small and Solo Law Firms

Enter payment information for a client once in Outlaw Practice and you are done.  Sensitive information is stored with the payment processor (not Outlaw Practice or LawPay), which greatly lowers your PCI compliance burdens.

Goodbye to Paper

Once a payment method has been stored for a contact, it can be used anywhere a payment is made, including funding or replenishing a trust or making a payment on an invoice.  Choose the payment method, click Process and you are done!

Enter Once, Use Anywhere

Outlaw Practice's contacts sychronize with LawPay's new CardVault, so if you need to use LawPay's website, the card information for your clients is still available.  Truly, enter once, use anywhere!

CardVault Integration
Payment Processing

Outlaw Practice integrates tightly with LawPay to enable payment processing directly from the application.  Set up your payment methods for each client in advance, then fund client trusts and make payments with a single click.