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Outlaw Practice

Outlaw Practice

Monthly Plans Make Sense

Our monthly price is our best price.  Honestly, who wants to pay up front for a full year to save a couple bucks?

Cash is King

Other companies gouge you if you choose to pay monthly, but if there is one absolute in the small and solo world, it is that cash is king.

Cash Flow

When we say cash is king, we are referring to cash flow. There is no point in saving a few hundred dollars, then not have money for payroll.

Everything You Need

Most companies have tiered pricing, with a dumbed-down, limited version for a reasonable price. The full suite will have more of the tools you need, but will be far more expensive. We provide you will everything you need, and nothing you do not.

60 Day Free Trial

How many times have you signed up for a free trial that expired before you could even start using it in earnest? Especially with a full lifecycle solution like Outlaw Practice, you need time to evaluate all that there is to offer.

We give you a full two months, enough time to go through multiple billing cycles.

One Plan

One price for everything we do, because you need everything that Outlaw Practice has to offer if you want to take control of your firm.

Outlaw Practice offers everything a small or solo law firm needs:  marketing, sales, task management, risk management, document management, billing and invoicing.

Save money and avoid frustration from the integration hassles of using different products!


$139 per month, per user gets you everything you need for your firm.  Marketing, sales, tasks, time tracking, billing, payment processing, client portal, reports and analytics are all included.

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