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Outlaw Practice

Outlaw Practice

$50/mo for the first user


$40/mo for additional users.

Bookkeepers, accountants and business coaches are free!

Just starting out? Contact us about our Startup Program!

Everything You Need

Our competition offers tiered pricing, with high prices for the full version, and more reasonable prices for stripped-down versions.  


We think that is crazy.  Just because you are a small company does not mean that you want basic software.  


Outlaw Practice is made specifically for small and solo law firms, and we think that everything in our software is useful (and necessary) to run a successful practice.  Everything is included in the monthly price, period.

30 Day Free Trial

How many times have you signed up for a free trial that expired before you could even start using it in earnest? Especially with a full lifecycle solution like Outlaw Practice, you need time to evaluate all that there is to offer.

We give you a full month, enough time to go through multiple billing cycles.

Not Your Dad's Practice Management

Outlaw Practice is a robust solution, and we own up to the fact that we do things differently. 


We built our software from the ground up, with no interest in how other software works, because we wouldn't have created Outlaw if we thought existing solutions did a great job. 


We think you will agree that Outlaw is not a me-too product.


One Plan, One Price

We offer everything we have for one simple, monthly price.

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