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Outlaw Practice

Outlaw Practice

About Us

The Founders

Josie Margaglione, co-founder of Outlaw Practice, started her own solo practice directly out of law school in 2008, and continues to run her Austin-based firm to this day.  She practices family law, estate planning and probate with her two paralegals and receptionist. 


This is the first part of Outlaw Practice's secret sauce: it was created by, and continues to be run by, a practicing lawyer.  Your daily struggles are her daily struggles!

John Margaglione, co-founder and developer of Outlaw Practice, has spent 30 years in software development and sales, and was the world-wide head of technical sales for HP’s Big Data group for 7 years before founding Outlaw Practice. John has worked with the largest companies on the planet to help them use their own data to solve their most pressing business problems.


This is the second part of the secret sauce for Outlaw Practice.  John uses his degree in statistics, his time as a software developer, and his time as a sales leader to help your firm focus on the business of law and your bottom line: taking money home to your family!

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