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Outlaw Practice

Outlaw Practice

LawPay and Outlaw Practice

LawPay and Outlaw Practice combined offers a complete legal practice management solution, with payment processing integration that makes invoicing a snap.  Enter the payment methods for your clients in advance, and use one-click processing to replenish trusts or take payments from the client's preferred payment method.

Learn How To Run Your Law Firm Like a Boss

Learn how to take control of every part of your business. 


Discover how a disciplined approach to your business increases good leads, removes bad clients, decreases your accounts receivable and maximizes profits for you and your firm.

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Enter payment information for a client once in Outlaw Practice and you are done.  Sensitive information is stored with the payment processor (not Outlaw Practice or LawPay), which greatly lowers your PCI compliance burdens.

Goodbye to Paper

Once a payment method has been stored for a contact, it can be used anywhere a payment is made, including funding or replenishing a trust or making a payment on an invoice.  Choose the payment method, click Process and you are done!

Enter Once, Use Anywhere

Outlaw Practice's contacts sychronize with LawPay's new CardVault, so if you need to use LawPay's website, the card information for your clients is still available.  Truly, enter once, use anywhere!

CardVault Integration
Payment Processing

Outlaw Practice integrates tightly with LawPay to enable payment processing directly from the application.  Set up your payment methods for each client in advance, then fund client trusts and make payments with a single click.

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