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Outlaw Practice

Outlaw Practice

Create red flags to highlight client behaviors or circumstances that present a risk to your business.  Attach red flags to leads and cases, and map out the relative risk using real-world data.

Watch a tutorial on using Red Flags.

Red Flags

See in real-time how your lead quality is affected by the client's red flags.  Track the relationship between specific red flags and conversion outcomes: Won, Lost, and Refused.

Refusing a bad prospect before they become a client saves you thousands of dollars and hours of headaches!

Risk Analysis for Leads

How do client behaviors during a case affect your bottom line?  Track the relationship between specific red flags and Accounts Receivable (billed work vs paid invoices).

Knowing when to withdraw saves you money and blunts the potential for malpractice claims!

Risk Analysis for Cases

By tracking your firm from first phone call through invoicing, Outlaw Practice can tell you the actual cost of taking on bad clients on your Accounts Receivable.

Giving Risk a Dollar Amount

As featured in the book "How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay", published by the Law Practice Division of the ABA, narrative invoices reduce the risk of grievances and malpractice suits by presenting the client with a compelling narrative rather than detailed invoices that invite nitpicking.  See normal (detailed) and narrative invoice samples here.

Narrative Invoices

Most case management software does a simple check of your address book.  Outlaw Practice stores your clients relationships, not just familial but case-related. Update your case with every person involved, and we will traverse those relationships during a conflict check!

Learn how to set up conflict checks.

Conflict Checking
Risk Mitigation and Management

No more bad clients! 


Create Red Flags for your leads and cases to qualify out bad prospects before they get in the door, and determine when it is time to part with a bad client.

Track the impact of red flags throughout the lifecycle of your business, from marketing campaigns through billed and collected.  Use your actual data to see in real-time how certain client behaviors impact your bottom line.

See our blog post on risk.

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